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Chow Tai Fook - 
Hidden Gem


Background & Challenge

As a long established jewellery brand in Hong Kong, Chow Tai Fook was having a hard time appealing to the millennials. The agency was appointed to launch an integrated marketing campaign to help the brand expand its appeal to the younger generation.

The Solution


While the whole society is stirking to stay positive all the time, the agency developed the Facebook page “Hidden Gem” which shares witty content to turn negative topics (like being single, procrastination) as something good, with an aim to encourage the millennials. An online video staging Jan Lamb was launched, followed by a series of witty social content and waves of activation events like mini-concert, KOL street busking to build up the awareness of the channel. To connect online and offline, the agency also launched a website with CRM system to reward fans with points that they can use to purchase Chow Tai Fook products with discount.

  • Reached 367,000 video views

  • 993k post engagement gained

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