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Coca-Cola - 
“Taste Our City” themed Tall Can


Background & Challenge

Coca-Cola was launching a new tall can design in Hong Kong.  To excite the market with the new tall can design and celebrate the long history that Coca-Cola shared with Hong Kong people, a new theme of “Taste Our City” is launched with a series of 8 special heritage can designs.

The Solution


The Agency held an exhibition with the 8 gigantic “Taste Our City” Coke Can and 3D floor painting and audio story-guide was held in Harbour City. Hins Cheung was invited to officiate the ceremony as a super fans of antique and heritage. KOLs and media were invited to participate in the launch event.

  • Over 250 pieces of news clippings were generated among media and KOL, totalling media value of over HK$5 million

  • Over 5,000 visitors were engaged through the exhibition within one week and redeemed

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