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Elite Anglo-Chinese Service


Background & Challenge

Elite Anglo-Chinese Services was founded by Eve Leung in London in 2012 and provide ground services with offices in both London and Hong Kong.

Eve has revealed that most of the education consultancies provide standardised services and bits of advice to all students, and are not specialised to take care of their education, career path or growth. There is a lack of oversight and transparency in the industry, the commissions repaid by the schools are not disclosed, and students may be unaware that they received biased recommendations. Despite Eve's years of experience, she lacks media exposure and relies solely on word of mouth through online forums.

The Solution


The initial step is to differentiate Elite from other consultancies with brand building. Identify brand positioning - a professional consultant who rejects commission, a renowned UK guardian with dual accreditation by BSA and AEGIS, and a frontier office in London for instant support.


To create a new industrial benchmark that school admission is only ⅓ of your life and career development, and given a new role and title「升學暨成長顧問」to strengthen positioning.


Media pitching follows with write-ups on 10 traps and tips of abroad study successfully pitched several media and earn constant media coverage. Nicknamed as「升學界花姐」helps to strengthen her sincerity and responsibility that coherent to the new role.

  • By leveraging the continuous media exposure, Eve’s distinguishable role as a former admissions officer, governer and a reliable consultant is accentuated.

  • The advice given is truly personalise in order to help students get the correct information and prepared for the changes in their life. Ultimately, aim to establish new norms and standards for the benefit of the industry.

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