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Grace One -


Background & Challenge

Dedicated for 50’s female, Grace One has been enjoyed great success for years in Japan. However, the market of mature skin care was immature in Hong Kong. 50+ women has limited choices of skin care for mature skin on shelf. In an era with overwhelming skin care information, Grace One, which has been positioned itself as a brand for mature skin, was looking for an unprecedented strategy to stand out from the sea of on-shelf skincare brands, and to develop a quality association in consumers’ minds.

The Solution


We handled the product launch in Hong Kong with an advocation in appreciation of women’s natural beauty. It covered from creative, TVC, KV, social feeds, Celebrity & KOL resources, social content, to press collaboration, etc.

  • Contents achieved an accumulative reach of 29M+, promoting the natural beauty of aging

  • 650%+ Sales (Out of stock in Mannings)

  • Brand awareness increased

  • High rate of product and sales related engagement

  • Establish Academy of Agelessness as a long-run content platform for the brand

  • Citywide and oversea distribution of the book

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