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Dream Starter Project


Background & Challenge

The ’DreamStarter’ programme provides students with a platform to pursue their dreams, while the mini-movie successfully conveys the idea behind the concept and ’Beyond Possibilities’, the HGC brand message to society.

The Solution


We produced a mini movie on social platforms to promote the brand's concept of "Beyond Possibilities". The mini-movie was inspired by a real-life story and emphasized that there were always “Beyond Possibilities” for children’s growth and has achieved an encouraging response. 3 online videos featured with real HGC customers were produced to showcase how the business units, residential, business and international, assisted HGC customers to achieve what they dreamt.

  • The mini-movie attracted more than 1.8 million views on social media and became an instant hit among netizens. The authentic storyline strongly resonated with people from all walks of life. The mini-movie not only demonstrated that HGC's brand spirit has gained widespread support and recognition, but has also inspired the public by showing that there are “Beyond Possibilities” in everything

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