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Lui Che Woo Prize -
What if the Lui Che Woo Prize was awarded 100 years ago?


Background & Challenge

The Lui Che Woo Prize prize giving ceremony was suspended due to outbreak of COVID-19. To continue on spreading positive energy among the community and further educate the public about the three prizes under LCW Prize – “Positive Energy”, “Welfare Betterment” and “Sustainability”.

The Solution


We traveled back through the past 100 years and identify history’s heroes who have made our world a better place. We conceptualised, identified the heroes, illustrated and created a series of social media content for Lui Che Woo Prize’s official channel.


We also launched an international media placement campaign to cover Hong Kong and other major markets in the world for the campaign.

  • Over 3.3M people recognise the great influence of the 12 suggested laureates towards modern civilisation

  • 13 posts obtained and 24k engagements over Hong Kong, Taiwan, UK, US, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand

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