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Project YAU -
Embrace Local Culture & Craftsmanship


Background & Challenge

As a local beer brand, YAU Brewery was looking for unique marketing strategies to reach the hearts of the HKers. We suggested that they reinforce their brand image by showing full support to the craftsmanship in Hong Kong.

The Solution


As such, we launched “Project YAU” to connect Hong Kong’s craftsmen and support their dreams. 3 local film photography enthusiasts have created the first-ever handmade paper-roll film in Hong Kong, while the project also brought together two papercraft masters to bring their childhood fantasy to life: a three-metre tall “robot” made of only bamboo, rattan and coloured paper. Collaborating with Sureal HK and Hong Kong Reminiscene, the campaign message was wide-spreaded to more fans of handcraft arts.

  • A “Happy Hour Party” with film roll enthusiastswas held, 30+ participants share about film roll photography with a bottle of Beer YAU

  • Related social media post’s reach 100k+, Engagement 16,000+

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