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The Coca-Cola Foundation -
The Searchers


Background & Challenge

Responding to The Coca-Cola Foundation’s priority of enhancing communities, we leveraged Arts as a channel to help teenagers to explore themselves and find a way to relieve their stress by expressing themselves through artistic creation.

The Solution


Art based empowerment workshops were held, guiding students to reflect their lives and explore their inner voices with art therapy-related activities, and complete the unique art work that can tell their stories. Workshops are followed by activities that comprised of training, sharing and games to help students better express themselves and more willing to accept challenges in life, as well as a showcase of students’ art pieces.

  • Gathered 9 local artists and art therapists to bring a total of 128 sessions of art empowerment workshops to school from 2021

  • "A Soulful Journey Art Exhibition" was held at the Central Market exhibiting nearly 300 art pieces, with on-spot experience activities and workshops led by art therapists, providing therapeutic journeys to the public  through art creation

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