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Background & Challenge

T.PARK is the first self-sufficient sludge treatment facility located in Tuen Mun Hong Kong with a power generation system, a desalination plant, with recreational, educational and natural ecological facilities. Under the social distancing measures during pandermics, the facilities are temporarily close and do not have physical events for public engagement. Although there are various events, workshops and rich social media content, they look scattered without an overarching theme. Besides, their brand persona is modern and innovative but boring, it lacks human touch and excitement to make people feel its vibrancy.

The Solution


Kickstarted with brand-awareness-building outdoor advertising to welcome visits booking when it is re-open in late May 2022, young couples are invited for the photoshoot to add human touch.


To engage the public online and promote content on sustainability and green living, T-LAB (轉廢為能研究所) acts as a vehicle to carry the brand through anniversary event and green hacks on the social media, an extension T.STORY featuring upcycling designers also as a prelude to the seasonal workshop.


To define the youthful tone with vibrancy, a group of trending KOLs and YouTubers favoured by young audience are invited to take up challenges and compete in the 6th anniversary event. Joint-streaming on their channels are set to connect the clusters and leverage their fans base to maximise the reach across social media and brand affinity.

  • The 6th anniversary gaming event received the most reactions and recorded a 515% increment than the median post on FB, and attained over 13K organic reach and a total of 7K engagement on KOL’s platform

  • Through the excitement of the gaming event, it draws audience attention in an interesting way so that the next generation perceive waste-to-energy knowledge better to live a low-carbon life

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